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Catalog #1.    

framed Napoleonic print,

1820 edition Vol. 1, Plate 38

Scenes of Aswan and Elephantine, $560


About Plate 38

Although Napoleon’s Army brought many artists with them, it is rare in this collection to find an artistic view reproduced as an etching!  The artists are Jollois and Devilliers, while Baltard did the etching back in Paris.

     The South Temple no longer exists!  Prof. Donald Redford (Penn State) said the head man of the local village blew up this temple in the early 1900s because too many visitors were disturbing the peace.



Buy this framed print:


Catalog #2  A small framed print of an Arabian Nights theme.     $25                  Prints with Oriental themes have a peaceful, pleasant air, almost a Sufi flair.


The frame is old and cracked, the back covering is torn, but the print is in excellent condition!  5 ½ x 17 ¾ inches

   full picture                   detail - top

Buy this print:






3. Small items from the Gallery’s display board is filled

with various amulets, variously priced. 

3a.  $1.00 small blue painted and natural stone scarabs  


modern reproductions, 1.8 cm    


Sorry, in-store purchase only!


Catalog #3b  Djed Column reproduction amulets – molded from a genuine original       

$10@ or 15 for $75  - great for making necklaces!



Catalog #3c

Blue faience scarab,                                                \           



                                                 Blue faience scarab - genuine antiquity, possibly re-glazed, perfect condition, New Kingdom c. 1400-1100 B.C. - $600

All antiquities items come with a 90 day money-back guarantee.  If, within those 90 days you find an ‘expert’ who feels your item is a fake, we submit the item (even after the 90 days are gone) to a mutually acceptable curator of Egyptian Art at any museum and we will both abide by their

opinion as binding!






Catalog #3d-3e-3f

finely molded HATHOR figurines  

d  e  f

  4x2cm                 4x2cm          4x3cm (2 in stock)

modern reproductions from the 1960s, faux antiques, -$25.00@

Each amulet has a thread-hole ready to be hung as a pendant!


Catalog #3g

hand-carved Sekhmet amulet, light blue

reproduction figurine,   - $25  -  3 ½ x 2 x 1 cm        


Catalog #3h

hand-carved Horus amulet, reproduction figure, traditional deity of Kingship  - $25

          4 ½ x2x1 cm,  faience green color


  3h-side view              3h- recto                         3h-verso                      3h-close-up of Horus










3i - a broken pottery neck - a genuine antiquity – Coptic - c. 30 – 300 AD              $25


Catalog #3j – Fine, detailed reproduction shabtis from original moulds - $25@

Warning! Each one looks exactly like its ancient predecessor and could be mistaken for a genuine antiquity!  Sizes range from 4 - 5 – 5 ½ - 6 ½ cms, in various shades of green and blue.  Quantities are limited.


    4cm blue                         4 ½ cm faience green  5cm dark geen

Buy this Shabti – 3j-I      Buy this Shabti – 3j-II     Buy this Shabti – 3j-III



 3j-IV  6cm light blue  3j-V 6 ½ cm light blue                   the pair

  SOLD                SOLD                     sorry, the pair has sold







Catalog #3k – Medallion, likely from the 1920s, with ancient Egyptian motifs on both sides, usually worn with a gold chain hanging from a vest pocket. 

Two of the original connecting wires have been replaced.                                      $360


  3k recto with details….  


                        Tutankhamun  Two musicians


Setepenra -      Winged fish       Head of the

Ramses – worships                             Great Sphinx



3k verso with details….


                              Cow-headed    Nobleman

                             Goddess Hathor  offers king

                                                     a roast duck


Seated Isis,   Pharaoh with pet cat

winged Nout

Buy this antique medallion


Catalog #3-l – Roman era dolphin, possibly a “toga pin”  $125



Catalog #3m – a reproduction Egyptian vase Miniature, 5x3 cms – Amulet of Abundance

with excellent hieroglyphic inscription:

Mut, Queen of Heaven, Great Protectress;

the jar itself is a symbol of the Goddess Mut!




3n  3o    3p

Catalog #3n-o-p – Freestanding pewter statuettes of Amun, Anubis and Osiris - $10  @



Catalog #3q – reproduction blue scarab, over an inch long,

with the name of Thutmose III -                                                                    SOLD



Catalog #3r - silver mounted bone (ivory?) scarab, hand carved,             $240

1920s souvenir –         


Catalog #3s – Good quality, hand carved small reproduction scarab, made of limestone, with hieroglyphic inscription.  The inscription is not quite right – the Ankh having been carved upside down – but these three cryptic-writing hieroglyphs can be translated as “Amun(Ra) is the Lord of Life.”                                SOLD





Catalog #3t

small scarab, limestone, genuine antiquity, Late Period, c. 700 – 300 B.C.






Catalog #3u -    Small scarab                                   $240

Note:  This scarab, along with hundreds like it, was made by a master carver in the 1960s and 1970s.  It so perfectly mimics the ancient Egyptian scarabs that most expert conservators and antiquarians cannot tell the difference.  I bought this one myself from a Luxor street vendor, along with a dozen others and only realized their ‘value’ after I returned to Luxor to buy some more and heard that the master carver had died.   This scarab, the only one I have left from the original dozen, is a collector’s item.




Catalog #3v. A modern gold broach of the protective Mother-Goddess Mut. - $360

this broach is 14K gold with turquoise inlays, made in Egypt.  It is in exact proportion to such Mut carvings and paintings that appear on temple walls, offering protection and eternal life (the ring she holds in her talons) to the King.  Made in Egypt by, or for, Geddes books and souvernirs.





Catalog #3w – A blank ivory Cartouche into which you can have your name carved by your jeweller, ready to hang around your neck – a unique, 1920s antique, 5 x 1 ½ cm:                   

     recto            verso                          One-of-a-kind collectors’ item - $600                                       



Catalog #3x

Bes Amulet, light green faience, 2.3 x 1.2 cm, a genuine antiquity of the Ptolemaic period, c. 300-30 B.C., tiny features slightly obscure - $125


                                       Bes –recto    Side view     verso with thread-hole





    Catalog #3y – Silver Amun-Ra pendant, made in Egypt, 4cm x 1cm        $25





Catalog #3z -  


A brass filigree broach, c. 1920s style, with a scarab.  The scarab may be ancient, it is certainly finely carved, but I have not removed it from its setting and its underside is not visible.

One-of-a-kind piece of jewelry,                                                                                $360






Catalog #4.

 A matted title page of the Description de L'Egypte from the second Napoleonic edition, slightly water damaged                                                   $350

Etched in France in 1820.  All Napoleonic prints in the Gallery are part of this second edition.  Although by this time Napoleon was in exile (he died in 1821), the survey of Egyptian culture he brought back from his Egyptian expedition (1798–1801) was judged to be so crucial that its publication continued even after his military defeats and political deposition, the first edition funded by the State (Imprimerie Nationale) and the second edition by a private publisher, C.L.F. Panckoucke, below, both in the same year.

The Title Page is






Catalog #5

A black painted plaster cast of a seated scribe

Canadian made, slightly damaged. $50              

5 – detail – base inscription   5 – detail –head                  5 – detail – Papyrus scroll on lap


Catalog #6. 

green painted plaster cast of an ancient Egyptian hippopotamus from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.                                       $90




Catalog #7

A limited edition poster from the Antiquities and Icons exhibit, King’s College Library, University of Western Ontario 2004 that featured the Daniel Kolos collection of Ancient Egyptian Art and Antiquities - 9x12 inches  - $25


Catalog #8

A limited edition poster from the Echoes of Ancient Egypt exhibit, King’s College Library, University of Western Ontario 2006, that featured the Daniel Kolos collection of Napoleonic Prints, Second Edition, 1820 and was curated by Dr. Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy.  -           15x20 inches                                                          $35


#7 poster of the 2004 exhibit               #8 – poster of the 2006 King’s College exhibit  




Catalog #9 - 10 greeting cards designed by Alwyn Burridge for the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA) for fundraising purposes.  These cards feature full colored hieroglyphic symbols for the words for ‘love’, ‘joy’, ‘peace’, ‘friendship’, etc.

                                                                                   These cards are available with envelopes for $4 @






Catalog #10- Pottery Reproduction of an ancient Greek oil lamp with beautifully painted animal motifs                                   $35             



Catalog #11 

Greeting cards designed and painted by Amal Choukry Catta, a well-known Egyptian artist who has exhibited internationally.          Out-of-Print:    $12 @ with envelope

(For other Catta mementos, including posters, please inquire! and see Catalog #44a-b-c)





 Catalog #12

Plaster cast reproduction of an Egyptian Stela depicting Horus, the falcon god of kingship. Made in Toronto c.1979  - 

                                                 The Royal Horus Stela $175


(sorry, the cat has been sold)





Catalog #13

Greeting cards with Egyptian motifs designed by the late Douglas Champion of Toronto, brought to you by Benben Publications of Mississauga, Canada’s only Egyptological Publishing house.                           Out-of-print collectables - $5 @.




Catalog #14

Framed Napoleonic print, 1820 edition Vol. 1, Plate 71, scenes of El Kab;

                                                 excellent condition. $500  


El Kab is a remote cemetery south of Luxor, with surprisingly fresh-looking tomb scenes captured on this etching.


Catalong #15  

A small leather camel, Egyptian souvenir. $15 


Catalog #16

Mud-brick with straw -  designed and created by Grover T. Whiten, Canadian artist, formerly Dean of Fine Arts, York University – Not for sale.  It is part of the Gallery’s “Museum” section.  The Gallery is open by appointment for groups who desire to study ancient Egypt.  This item is on view at the Gallery in the village of Durham, Ontario.
















Catalog # 17 a-b-c-d 

Faience Shabtis 



#17a – 6x1x½ cm – blue faience, $25       #17b – 9x2x1 cm – green faience, $40

completely indistinct features                  bottom comes from a mold, face and beard

                                                                are just visible, other features indistinct



#17c – 9½x2½x2 cm -  blue AND green  $90    #17d –  blue faience  SOLD

all top features are distinct (just!), and come    

from a mold; back still has a thumb print                  

who pulled it out the mold

Shabti has blotches of blue faience on green

faience base


Each of these ancient items are genuine Egyptian antiquities, faience handicrafts –

guaranteed and affordable.  These Shabtis are crudely made, likely ordered by the survivors of ordinary people at a time when custom dictated that up to 600 should be buried in the tomb to help the deceased “carry the sands of the East to the West.”



Catalog #17 e

A painted workman - modern Egyptian 

plaster-cast reproduction       14 ½ cm, mint condition             $40


Catalog #18. 


A generic clay Shabti reproduction with well defined features made to look old.  (lower right image)

A modern Egyptian souvenir, upper left figure in photograph below -  $20   

   For the upper left image, see #20


Catalog #19. 

Bedouin Hanging Storage Basket – a modern (1980s) handicraft of the Siwa Oasis    $120





Catalog #20 -0

Green Nile clay Shabti, a modern reproducltion, made in Egypt – 12 cm -               $20





Catalog #21

Book:  Pharaoh Triumphant – The life and times of Ramesses II by Kenneth Kitchen (Warminster, 1982: Aris & Phillips) $10







Catalog #22

A framed Napoleonic print, 1820 edition Vol. 1, Plate 39, complete plan of the temple of Kom Ombo and the Nile River. $500



Catalog #23

Papyrus sheets 3 x 5 inches. $5@.  Have your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs written for an additional $10  










Catalog #24

Statuette of Thutmose III kneeling with offering bowls, modern reproduction, 13 cm.           $75



Catalog #25               Postcards from Egypt. $2@. $12 for 20.

There are several hundred of these postcards, most in excellent condition.  The entire collection is for sale:  come to see them, make an offer….



Catalog #26

Statuette of an Egyptian nobleman  made in Toronto c. 1979 - slightly damaged.

20 cm high                                                                                           SOLD




Statue of Thutmose III kneeling with offering bowls.

A full size reproduction of a British Museum statue

unpainted plaster cast, broken and repaired. 27 cm  high           $350





Medieval Jewish motif greeting cards from Benben Publications of Mississauga.

$2 @. With envelopes           Inquire about larger quantity discounts….



Catalog #29  a-b-c

Three African wooden carvings. $150 @.



29a heavy ebony                        29b heavy ebony             29c light wood, mother-of-pearl

                                                                                                  inlay along the base



Catalog #30

  Isis poster for the protection of a child, laminated and framed –

 ready to hang.                                                                                $150



Catalog #31

  The Goddess Isis, framed stained glass art, created by Vikki Davis, North Carolina. Not for sale.  17” wide, 14” high.  Inquiries for Ms. Davis’ art are welcome






Catalog #32

  A matted Napoleonic print, 1820 edition Vol. 1, Plate 70, sharply defined tomb scenes from El Kab. Excellent Condition. $500






Catalog #33 

A set of antique photographs of Egypt by Langaki c.1856. $35 @.


Catalog #34

Ceramic drinking cup - genuine antiquity, New Kingdom Egypt c. 1600 – 1000 B.C. $1200  -  Money -back guarantee of authenticity.  This item has SOLD!






Catalog #35

  Isis poster for the protection of a child, framed. $75     

A limited quantity of unframed Isis posters are available.  Creation of Toronto artist Douglas Champion, who spent 14 years at Luxor’s Chicago House as the artist for the Epigraphic Survey, and translated by Roberta Shaw, Curator at the Royal Ontario Museum –

this poster is out-of –print, only 16 copies left as of Gallery opening -  $50 @.






Catalog #36       Painting of a Desert Nomad, by W. (Walter) Satterlee. $1,200

(1844 – 1908) see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Satterlee

His paintings are actively sold on the market between 600 and 2000 Euros (c. $1000-$2800)





Catalog #37 a-b-c

Three Pottery Oil Lamps, Coptic era, c. 30 – 300 AD;



37a - good condition - $150



37b – four-wick oil lamp, good condition;                   $120



37c – broken handle, otherwise in excellent condition;  $120











Catalog #38

          Bone Comb, Coptic Era, c. 30-300 AD, teeth quite worn $65




Catalog #39


Meat Hook; Roman, copper,

c. 30 BC – 400 AD

fits on a pole, perfect condition




Catalog #40

Decorative Bedouin head band, black and white, or red and white. $10@







Catalog #41

Roman lady’s bust, marble c. 300 A.D. Neck broken, nose broken and repaired.

Provenance:  Island of Malta, Mrs. Klara Marsh                                    $2700





Catalog #42

Moroccan dagger with bone handle and silver sheath. $1200

Antique Jambiyac Arabic Koummya sword – bone handle with silver top, steel blade and intricately embossed silver scabbard. 19th century.





Catalog #43

Painting of Stylized Hieroglyphs by Brion Gysin (1960 Morocco).                        $2,800    


Canadian-born poet, writer and artist, mentored by William Burroughs and Alan Ginsberg (the Beat Generation of the 1950’s), Gysin had an Art show in Tangiers, Morocco, at the US Consulate in 1964 or 65, where this painting was obtained.   Since his death, he has been acknowledged as a major painter and hung in the New Museum in Paris.  Gysin “created a body of artwork that was wildly uneven, raically interdisciplinary, and virally influential.  Gysin has been called an “idea Machine,” … like the disentanglement of the symbol from its receiver meanings….” www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/422





Catalog #44 a-b-c

Three paintings by Amal Choukri Catta with Egyptian Motifs

Forty centuries of Egyptian history have been interpreted in a new concept called “Visionary Pharaonic Art”  by Egyptian painter Amal Choukri Catte.  “I am making a new vision of Pharaonic art, not copying it, but influenced and inspired by it.  Each face from profile, one eye, one color,” Catta said at an exhibit of her work at Toronto‘s Prior Art Gallery.  “But I put them in perspective and make them move…, they are more alive than the ancient art.” from the Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 17, 1979


a. Karnak sand dunes with temple ruins. $750


     44a – the Framed painting                                44a – detail – right half of painting


44b. Isis temple on the Island of Philae. $750 


44b – Philae Isis Temple                              44c – Hieroglyphic Abstractions


44c. Abstract Egyptian symbols slightly damaged. $325




Catalog #45 a-b-c-d

Egyptian style pottery –

modern reproductions  - $25 @






45b                            45c















Catalog #46

Framed copper sheet with a verse from the Maxims of Ptah–Hotep, hand pressed hieroglyphs.  Handicraft of David Shennum, an Egyptian Hieroglyphic expert   $350        






Catalog #47

A bust of Tutankhamun - modern composite stone reproduction from the collection of Uzza Nielsen. Damaged nose and uraeus. $125





Catalog #48

The Egyptian God Thoth in his form of an ibis bird. Art creation on a modern vase by Vikki Davis. $300 


The God Thoth sits in ancient boar whose prow displays the papyrus flower.  The inscription will be your name.  This inscription says:  The Scribe, Dan-el


Catalog #49

The Goddess Isis - a papier-maché creation by Canadian artist Anne Cheng. $75






Catalog #49a

Akhenaten as a Sphinx worshiping the rays of the Aten. A framed painting by Canadian artist Barbara Robinson, Guelph.                                           $375 







Catalog #50

1920's Egyptian wall hanging. Worn edges and faded. $300



72 x 34 ½ inches                       detail, center panel                   detail – upper right corner


Catalog #51

Egyptian posters: please look through the display case at the various Napoleonic and other posters available and inquire for individual pricing or consult the price list on the wall above the case.  On-line, check out the Description de l’Egypt catalog at






 Featured posters:

Catalog #51a

1971 poster of Tutankhamun’s Burial chamber, an MCA restricted edition Lithograph number 1 / 2, Printed in England by Mears Caldwell Hacker Ltd, London

24 inches long, 17 inches wide, upper right corner earmarked                      $50




Catalog #52

A framed antique poster of The Three Degrees of Free Masonry, the modern society of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian secrets, with brass trowel.                                                               $650













Catalog# 53

 The Death of the First Born. A 19th century etching, framed, $350




Catalog #54

 A Bedouin camel whip, hand woven coloured wool from the Siwa Oasis               $35

86 inches long, approx. 2 inches in diameter




Catalog #55

A crocodile skin hand bag, antique, c.1925 with inset leather scenes of ancient Egypt $95






A pair of Mayan prints; 56a -  the jaguar and 56b - the condor each with a human heart. $150 @.







Catalog #57

a modern woolen carpet with the goddess

Hathor leading Queen Nefertari.  Made in Egypt  49x31 inches                         $300 



Catalog #58 a - b – c

Two modern Egyptian carpets, designed by children, hand woven wool. $175 @.

                              58a: 34x23½”;                                    58b: 51x31”



58c – 42x35”



Catalog# 59                a camel saddle bag made in the Siwa Oasis from camel wool. $150                                               





 coffee table books. $20 @. Or 6 for $100

Dozens of very fine books, mostly used, mostly excellent condition

A Catalog is being prepared…



Modern novels about ancient Egypt. $5 @

Catalog is being prepared…


Catalog #62

Books on scholarly Egyptian Archeology. $40 @.

Catalog is being prepared…




Catalog# 63a

a limestone rubbing of King Senwosret from his Karnak monument. Rubbing by Daniel Kolos. Framed.   High Quality rubbing                                                             $225

The ‘rubbing’ technique is the same as “brass rubbing” in Great Britain.  In fact, I picked up the paper roll and the brass and red crayons at Westminster Abbey and took it to Egypt.  Senwosret’s Kiosk at Karnak’s Open Air Museum is the source of all three Limestone Rubbings.  In spite of the weak photograph, the rubbing shows great detail of the King’s royal stance.



63a                               63b –royal kilt       Senwosret’s white crown      offering


Catalog #63b

Limestone Rubbing of 12th dynasty king Senwosret III from his Karnak Open Air Museum Kiosk.  Rubbing by Daniel Kolos (1983)  Medium quality rubbing, unframed. $70


Catalog #63c

Limestone Rubbing of Ithyphallic Amun-Ra from the 12th dynasty king Senwosret III’s Karnak Open Air Museum Kiosk.  Rubbing by Daniel Kolos (1983)  Good quality rubbing.  Unframed.                        $125


63c – Ithyphallic Amun    The God’s name: Amun-Ra      His face and crown




A limestone rubbing of the god, Amun-Ra from King Senwosret’s Kiosk at

Karnak Temple.  Rubbing by Patrick Carstens.                                               SOLD




Catalog #65

Pottery bowl, plain, perfect condition Old Kingdom, c. 2400 B.C. $1200





Catalog #66

Pottery bowl, with spout and decoration, perfect condition Old Kingdom, c. 2400 B.C







Catalog #67

Pottery bowl, with spout and handle, perfect condition Old Kingdom, c. 2400 B.C.


12x5 cm plus the spout and handle                                                       $1600








Catalog #68

Pottery jug, black burnished west Asian c.600 B.C. $600








Catalog #69

Limestone fragment with the base of two cartouches, one containing the hieroglyphs of Aten, from the palace of Akhenaten, Amarna. $3,500    




Catalog #70

A common pottery jug, broken, from the temple of Karnak c. 600 B.C.

6 1/2 x 6 inches                                                                                      $200



Catalog #71

Pottery bowl, black burnished west Asian c.600 B.C. $600





Catalog #72

Glass bowl, possibly Roman, perfect condition. 5x5 cm - $275





Catalog #73

Reed basket with lid - handmade, modern. 6x4 inches - $25





Catalog #74

Glossy, colour magazines of ancient Egypt.

$10 @. Or 12 for $100

(A bid for the entire set will be considered, back issues of KMT and Ancient Egypt – details of available issues upon request)




Catalog #75

Amulet, the God Djehouty (Thoth) in the form of a baboon, the deity of wisdom, the trickster-god, patron of writers and scribes; greywacke, perfect condition, most likely

Ptolemaic, c. 330-30 BC                                                                                 $1,200




Catalog #76 Amulet of Nefertum, who stands on the back of a lion.  Nefertum, son of Ptah and Sekhmet, deities of Memphis, is also said to be the son of Atum – his name means the “beautiful Atum”  Perfect condition.  Green Faience.  Most likely New Kingdom, c. 1400 – 1000 BC.  broken and repaired                      $900



Catalog #77

Papyrus Paintings, modern souvenirs, made in Egypt (in-store only)            $20@




Catalog #78

Scarab and amber bead necklace       The scarabs are modern reproductions.  The amber beads come from an antique Moroccan Islamic prayer chain.               $360









Catalog #79

Modern reproduction oil lamps, hand made in the Siwa Oasis, Egypt           $25 @





Catalog #80

Antique Carnelian Bead Necklace. Although strung on modern cord, there is a wonderful variety of carnelian beads, both round, faceted and diamond shaped, long ones along the front, short, round ones, also faceted, around the neck.  Faceted carnelians tend to be either antiques or ancient.  22" length (50 cm)                              $360





Catalog #81

a modern blue scarab necklace, made in Egypt, 22” (30 cm)  Not for Sale




Catalog #82 

a modern Djed-column amulet necklace – from an ancient mold.  Light cloth string, which you can easily replace with other strings, or silver chain.

 4 cm clay amulet, 24” string.                                                                        $15




Catalog #83 –

14 k Gold Ankh (Life) pendant. 2 ½ cm long, 1 ½ cm wide (2 gms)               $125





Catalog #84 

Blue Faience Ring – Genuine Antiquity – New Kingdom, c. 1400-100- BC          SOLD








Catalog # 85

Three Shabtis – undecorated genuine Egyptian antiquities, Late Period, c. 700 – 300 BC

                                                                                              $150 @ or all three for $400 









Catalog #86 a

Catonnage – painted plaster that used to cover the mummy.  Carefully mounted in a ‘breathing’ glass display.  The four sections belong together but may be sold separately.

86 a and 86 b form the chest piece of the original cartonnage!  19x14 cm           $1,200


  detail- lower left corner                                                    detail –upper right corner            


Catalog #86 b                                                                                       $1,200

Catonnage – painted plaster that used to cover the mummy.  Carefully mounted in a ‘breathing’ glass display.  The four sections belong together but may be sold separately.

19x14 cm each  (86 a and b are the right and left sides of the chest piece of cartonnage)



Detail, upper left corner                                                                Detail, lower right corner                                                            



Catalog #86 c

Catonnage – painted plaster that used to cover the mummy.  Carefully mounted in a ‘breathing’ glass display.  The four sections belong together but may be sold separately.

86 c is the top half of 86 d!  The two pieces would cover the torso.  19x14 cm           $1,200


Detail of two Sons of Horus                                                Detail of the other two

                                                                                                      Sons of Horus




Catalog #86 d                                                                                                 $1,200

Catonnage – painted plaster that used to cover the mummy.  Carefully mounted in a ‘breathing’ glass display.  The four sections belong together but may be sold separately.

19x14 cm    86 c and 86 d are the upper and lower portions of the torso decoration.



   Detail, left centre decoration                                           Detail of a jackal’s body; its head

                                                                                               may be seen on the lower left                                                                                                                corner of 86c!




Ordering instructions:

When you have found items you would like to buy, please email the catalog numbers to

GAEAinquiries@hotmail.com and you will receive, in turn, a PayPal itemized Invoice.

If you have other preferences, please let us know via the same email address.  Thank you

for visiting the Daniel Kolos Gallery of Ancient Egyptian Art!!!